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Best Pizza Erie, PA

  • Take Out | Dine In | Delivery

  • Take Out | Dine In | Delivery

  • Take Out | Dine In | Delivery


Do you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur? If you’ve tried other pizzerias in Erie, PA but nothing has pleased your taste buds just yet, then it’s time to try Brooklyn Pizza. Our tasty and delicious wood fired pizza is known as the best pizza in Erie to many satisfied customers.

Try our classic NY thin crust pizzas or opt for one of our specialty pies. Our hand-tossed, fresh dough is made daily and is never frozen. Many pizza catering companies and restaurants use frozen dough, but we have a commitment to quality that we adhere to. We are confident you will love our wood fired pizza and call it one of your favorites for years to come!


  1. Hungry customers can take their pizza to go or have it delivered to enjoy at home.
  2. You can schedule our food truck and catering service, Sticks & Bricks, for your next event. We have the newest food truck in Erie, PA, and we cook pizzas at 750 degrees. That means hot, delicious pies in just 2-3 minutes! We can do graduations, birthdays, school events, church events, block parties, or any catering event you have in mind. We can serve 40-400+ people. You no longer need to come to our restaurant to enjoy the best pizza!
  3. Or, customers can dine in with us and enjoy our restaurant atmosphere with friends and family. 
  4. Plus, we offer take-n-bake pizzas so you can cook your pie at home. We make it and you bake it – it’s that easy! These pizzas are great for storing in the freezer to have at a later time and they come in handy when you need to cook dinner in a pinch. 
Are you craving pizza tonight? Now you can enjoy our delicious pies in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t even need to leave your house to get it. Just give us a call to place your order, and let us come to you! We accept credit cards or cash at the door, and we would be delighted to make it more convenient for you to enjoy our mouthwatering pies. 

We offer delivery starting at 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and all day Thursday through Sunday. On Sundays during football season, we deliver starting at 11 a.m.! Our delivery range is about 4 miles, although sometimes we make exceptions during weekdays. Depending on snow storms, we will not offer delivery or we will only deliver to hotels off I90. If weather is severe, please call before ordering to make sure we can deliver.
It’s time to Nut Up or Shut Up! 

Here are the rules:
  1. One (1) person has 30 minutes to complete the challenge. Time does not start until you tell us that you want to start. You can wait for the pie to cool down (up to 15 min).
  2. The pizza must consist of pizza sauce, cheese and 2 additional toppings of your choice (extra sauce is not allowed to be one of the toppings).
  3. You must purchase the pizza and drink prior to starting. You may choose from a fountain drink, a 20-oz. bottle, the water from our fountain machine, or try it without a beverage. No refills are allowed.
  4. There are no bathroom breaks allowed.
  5. We are not responsible if someone knocks over your pizza.
  6. In the event you do succeed, you must keep that pie down for 10 minutes.
  7. You may enter the 24-Inch Challenge as many times as you would like, but may only win once. 
  8. WINNERS will be rewarded with a gift certificate in the amount of $30, a free "I took all 24" at Brooklyn Pizza" shirt, a stomach ache afterwards and of course your photo on our WALL OF FAME!
  9. LOSERS will get a box.
  • Brooklyn Pizza!!! Can you say 'YUM'???? I'd seen it before, but am reluctant to try new pizza places without feedback from people I know. The salad was basic - iceberg, tomatoes & lots of shredded cheese. Good, but nothing special.

  • Cut next to the wings - WOW!!! The crispy honey BBQ - OMG!! They were perfectly cooked and REALLY tasty!!! They came with ranch & celery, too!

  • Next, the pizza - 8 HUGE slices - 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 mushroom. Again, YUM!!! Then, we got some cannoli... All I can say is, OMG!! Yummy, yummy - happy tummy!!

    MaryCarol Galvin, Facebook

  • FINALLY, ERIE! Haven't had a NY Style pie this good since "3 brothers" back in the day, ha. Dont get me wrong I like other places as well (looking at you Pizza Petes and Stevos), but Brooklyn Pizza is on another level of amazing when it comes to large NY Style slices. I'm a fat-guy pizza lover, too, sooo there's that. Thanks guys!

    David Hunter, Facebook

  • Best pizza shop in Erie by far..... Nice to see an owner who cares about his business.... Trust me do yourself a favor and try this pizza instead of all the other pizzas in Erie that taste like cardboard. My family and I will definitely be coming back!

    Pete Krzak, Facebook

  • My favorite pizza in Erie. It's fantastic. The staff is always friendly and efficient. Keep up the great work. I <3 Brooklyn Pizza! :)

    Larissa Smith, Facebook

  • We finally got great pizza in Erie!!! Will definitely be returning. The staff was great too, very nice people.

    Leigh-Anne Stallings, Facebook

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